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Walks in Faro

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Guided walk in Faro, in the historical part of the capital of Algarve

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  • The southernmost city of Portugal, the capital of the Algarve region, is Faro, which has a long history. The city’s name means lighthouse, as the most important events in the city’s history were closely related to shipping and the sea.
    After the calamities of the past centuries – occupation, fire and earthquake – it always managed to get back on its feet.
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  • The city center is a very nice and cozy place – there is no trace of the crowding and high prices typical of popular vacation spots. Excellent restaurants, small cafes and pedestrian streets covered with sunshades to protect against the scorching sun for more than 3,000 hours a year make the time spent here pleasant. The wall of the old part of the city, fortified with bastions, still stands today – within it we find the oldest houses, the Bishop’s Palace, the cathedral, and the town hall building. Walking through the shopping district, we reach the Bone Chapel, which is unique in the Algarve.
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  • What was the purpose of the castle walls in Faro? What is going on between the castle walls these days? What is life like in “Old Town”? Are the fruits that ripen on street orange trees edible? Why was Sé Cathedral built? Why did Faro become the capital? What is the cultural life like in the city? Does the cathedral bell tower still work? What is the view from the tower? What does the cathedral garden hide? What is Ria Formosa? What is Poncha? What is the Arco de Vila and what did it serve in the past? Do the locals still use the port of Faro? Why is there a music pavilion at the port? Where do ships depart from the local port? Why was a bone chapel built in the middle of the city? Is it really made of real bones? What is the nightlife like in the capital of the Algarve? Where can you eat well? From which bar has the best view?
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  • You will get answers to all of these if you join our walking sightseeing tour of Faro.
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    About this activity
  • Walking tour in Faro for at least 2 people
  • Tour duration: +/- 4 hours
  • Tour language: English
  • Transfer is available for extra fee
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    Price: € 40 /person

    A minimum of 2 guests is required!
    The price doesn’t contain the entrance fees to the monuments (approx. € 5/person) and the personal expenses and consumptions!


  • Suitable footwear
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Sun protection
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    Not suitable for
  • Pets
  • Luggage or large bags
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