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The Algarve’s beaches are surely among the best in all of Portugal. The southern coast ranges from the Spanish border all the way to the wild point at Sagres before jolting northwards along the ocean. As it goes, it passes remote wetlands, buzzing resort towns, and rugged lengths of cliffs. The result is a seriously diverse range of beaches.
You can expect to find everything from hidden coves to sweeping dashes of dune-backed sand, topped off with buzzy bays with deckchairs and cocktail bars. And that’s not even mentioning the raw energy of the Atlantic side, where surf spots and dramatic inlets unfold, beckoning wave riders, cliff walkers and more.
Portuguese is a Romance language (derived from Latin), so that you will find some written words familiar if you already have a knowledge of Italian, Spanish or French. On the other hand, the nasal pronunciation and the rapid with which it is spoken can make comprehension quite difficult. Many Portuguese speak English, but your attempts to master a few phrases will be appreciated.

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