The sunniest Algarve weather

Enjoy 300 sunny days by Algarve weather

Discover Algarve – one of the sunniest place in Europe by the lovely Algarve weather!

The Algarve region in Portugal is known not only for its natural beauty but the warm climate that brings constant sunshine and clear blue skies to the area year-round. Temperatures rarely drop below 20°C and reach a peak of 28°C in July and August.
September enjoys slightly cooler weather in Algarve with a daily average of 26°C. Sea breezes help to keep the weather conditions comfortable, helping to make sure humidity levels don’t reach above 65°C in summer.
Rain isn’t a concern between June and September with just 10mm of rainfall per month. The Algarve weather is very sunny throughout the year with up to 13 hours of shimmering sunshine per day in the summer.
There are around 12 hours of sunlight in autumn, which is slightly less than the summer but still plenty of time to relax by the shore. Temperatures in Algarve are between 13°C and 22°C in autumn, which is still mild and enjoyable. The average sea temperature of 19°C.
Winter weather is mild with highs of 15°C between December and February. It gets warmer in spring and temperatures often reach highs of 22°C in May. You’ll have around ten hours of sunlight per day with an average humidity ranging from 60% to 75%.
The Algarve has something to discover for everyone. Roman ruins, Moorish castles, and traditional villages; the amazing coastline and ideal conditions for water sports; over 30 top-class golf courses; nature trails and parks; kids theme parks, and an international motor racing circuit. A vast choice of restaurants, bars, and clubs.


But, the Algarve weather is wonderful! With over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, the climate is consistently pleasant, with no huge seasonal extremes.
The Algarve is easy to get to, and easy to get around. The road system has been considerably improved in recent years which means hiring a car is a great way to explore.
For those seeking active holidays, you’ll find a great range of sports and leisure activities. This is a golfers paradise – with over 25 golf courses to choose from, satisfaction is guaranteed. Water sports enthusiasts are spoiled for choice, as are lovers of good living – restaurants, bars, clubs abound. There are inland Nature trails, dolphin spotting, bird sanctuaries, and theme parks for children of all ages.
The 160 km of the Algarve coastline boasts some of Europe’s most spectacular beaches, many holders of the prestigious Blue Flags. Choose from broad expanses of white sand, small cove beaches backed by red cliffs, beaches where cosmopolitan beach parties are a summer constant, to the pristine, deserted beaches of the Western coast.
Away from the coastline with its modern resorts, it’s worth exploring also the inland regions, even on the best Algarve weather.
The Algarve, Portugal with its endless beaches, impeccable golf courses, and wonderful climate is the perfect holiday destination. Rich in history, the quaint and the luxurious side by side, the natural beauty, great food, and warm welcome charm all visitors.
Do not hesitate more, spend your holiday on the sunny Algarve weather!