About us

Bom dia!

Welcome to Liviagem Algarve Tours!
The ‘LiViagem Algarve Tours’ was founded to turn your dream about the Algarve into real and unforgettable!
There is a lot to discover in this amazing region which is also Portugal’s tourist paradise. But not only it is! A lot of flavors and experiences to live and enjoy.
Anyway, the name of the Tours comes from mixing two words: from the owner’s name (Livia) and from the Portuguese word ‘viagem’ which means Travel in English.
On our tours, we show you this picturesque part of Portugal with its centuries-old stories and legends. You will get to know its people, the secrets and mysteries of its history, its vast cultural heritage, and discover its gastronomy and wines through walks, visits and tastings.
As Lívia is also a Certified Wine Expert and Sommelier, we also visit local wineries on most of the tours. Find her wine blog here.
In addition, you can find her publications in the monthly editions of Algarve Plus Magazine, as the Wine & Tour Consultant.
If you are also more deeply interested in Portuguese wine culture, take part in our tours and follow us on Instagram.
And in case of any doubt or questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
Come with us, book a tour now and enjoy your day in Algarve!

Boa Viagem! / Have a nice trip!